My Collection of MIDI Movie Themes are for Everyone to Use. I Don't Expect Anything In Return. There are now well over 1,000 MIDI files on this website. With the rising costs of hosting and the such, perhaps you will consider the purchase of one or more of my CD's, preferably the movie theme CD's. The movie themes are the actual themes from the movies listed, not a MIDI file music as is found within this site. You can hear sound bytes of each song at my music store. I have added links on every VHS/DVD and now Blu-rays for specific movies, especially the newer ones where VHS are not available anymore. All movies pictured within can be purchased via my Every VHS/DVD purchase via this website will ultimately help keep up the costs of maintaining such a huge collection of files and images for your free entertaiment. Thank you for visiting and please share this site with your friends...

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